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Mindmate is your handy practical guide to taking care of your mental well-being.
It will hold your hand and help you face it one day at a time. The workbook focuses on inculcating small yet powerful habits into your daily routine. Such as:

1. Mindfulness
2. Affirmations & gratitude 
3. Decluttering task 
4. Daily DOSE
5. Breathwork
6. Emotional Freedom Technique

Tracking helps you stay aware and grounded. Through mindmate, you get to track your food, sleep, feelings, intentions, moods & habits every day.

Your commitment: It takes effort to learn or unlearn anything. It takes effort to grow and build healthy patterns. Commit now & your future self will thank you for it. 

Our commitment: I am not looking to just sell you the workbook and get done with it. We are here with you throughout the journey. 
If you are forgetful, we can send you daily reminders.

If you are anxious, we can sit with you and help you fill the worksheets over a call.

So we are 100% committed. 
Are you?

A little note from the writer: 
Thank you for being here! I have spent 1 whole year researching, learning, interviewing & writing this workbook. Poured my heart and energy into it. I didn't want it to be just another self-help book or a planner, wanted it to be a BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE for you. Filled with small arts, prompts & worksheets, I am sure you will fall in love with the workbook as soon as you get your hands on it. 
Everything that is in the workbook has come straight from my heart & practice. We have tried, tested, and proofed every word & activity in it. All you need to do is open your mind & heart to it. 
Created it with oh so much love! If you do decide to purchase it, thank you for supporting a small business trying to make a huge difference. Your contribution goes a long way. 

Product details:
Paper: 100gsm blue-tinted paper (to be gentle on your eyes)
Cover: Hardcover 
Weight: 600gms
Packaging: Recycled paper

What's inside:

Understanding your mind:  A brief introduction to the functioning of our conscious, subconscious & unconscious minds. Changing our mental programming & understanding the blocks. 

Introduction to Intentional Living: The importance of taking time to be present at the moment & intentionally stepping out of autopilot mode regularly. 

Recognize: This section focuses on recognizing where we currently stand in our lives. 

1. Wellness Wheel: Recognising where you stand in different dimensions of wellness such as physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, intellectual, etc. 

2. Personal Values: Every person has their own set of values they live by & would like to live by. This activity helps you recognize your core values. 

3. Ikigai:  Ikigai is a Japanese concept which helps determine our life purpose & allows us to look forward to the future, regardless of our current state. 

4. Boundaries: Understand different types of boundaries & work on the exercises related to it. 

5. Current paradigm analysis: Recognize your happiness agents and evaluate your current mindset and beliefs that might be holding you back & structure a plan to work on them. 

Daily Practices:

Explanation of concepts that we use during the 100 days

1. Habit building - training your body vs training your mind 

2. Mindfulness - Benefits, how to practice & an example of having our tea mindfully

3. Affirmations & gratitude - Benefits & examples 

Setting Intentions: This section helps you envision your future self and align your current life to the dream life 

Venture into your new paradigmThese are your 100-day pages, quarterly reflections, and final reflections. There are 2 pages per day. One for the morning where you plan the day and practice gratitude and affirmations - one for the night where we track the day and reflect on the good things about the day. 

Toolkit: A bunch of more goodness for you to support your 100-day journey 

1. Vision Board

2. Setting SMART goals 

3. Daily DOSE 

4. Decluttering tasks 

5. Emotional Freedom Technique 

6. Breathwork 

7. Feelings wheel 

8. Decision making & conflict resolution worksheets 

9. Love languages 

10. Getting in touch with your inner child 

11. Nutrition & mind 

The workbook also comes with quarterly tracking sheets and a bookmark for you! 

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